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AOTU-65 Dust Suppression Fog Cannon(Fixed Type)

Product Model : AOTU-65
Total Power: 22kw
Range: 65m
Covers: 13000㎡
Quarry & mining,Coal yard,Haul road, Stockpiles, Steel plant, Port facility,Conveyor & transportation,Landfill,Crusher, Construction & demolition, Discharge hopper
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AOTU-65 Dust Suppression Fog Cannon Dust Removal Principle

Fog dust is one of the urban air purification systems, using the new technology (Brownian Diffusion) AOBR technology to control air pollution, is continued TVOC air purification technology and HEPA filter technology more advanced, more scientific, lower energy consumption , The purification effect of a significant new technology industry, the principle is sprayed particles to suppress the dust in the air, resulting in dust effect. Particles due to small, the surface tension is basically zero, sprayed into the air, can quickly adsorb the size of the particles in the air, can effectively control the amount of dust, dust effect is remarkable, atomization effect is obvious, does not produce water droplets and damp, Metal equipment has a corrosive effect, the protection of production equipment safety, low cost, environmental protection and energy saving, fast installation, reasonable design, cost-effective.

The working principle of fog dust is the use of high pressure to pressurize the water, through the pipeline into the high-pressure nozzle atomization device to form drift in the air mist, mist mist spray system to send fog to the more distant, water mist Can be adsorbed in the air of small dust and suspended particles, in the realization of dust at the same time to the atmosphere humidification.

AOTU-65 Dust Suppression Fog Cannon Technical Parameter Table

Technical Parameter AOTU-65 Remarks
Total power(kw) 22 Water circuit control integrated machine
Fan type and power(kw) Jet fan 18.5 SIEMENS motor
Type and power of liquid pump(kw) Centrifugal pump 2.2~4 High pressure wear-resistant stainless steel pump
Liquid pump pressure(MPa) 1.0~2.0 High pressure wear-resistant stainless steel pump
Hydraulic system (with hydraulic sensor) Single stage hydraulic cylinder With locking device
3 bearing rotary support (pressure, input, rotation) bearings Anti-resonance and vibration rotation, to withstand the pressure 3T
Rotating universal joints 312 alloy stainless steel Can rotate 360 degrees
Repair quick bolt 312 stainless steel 6
Equipment rapid lifting installation mechanism Steel Four holes, six holes hoisting system
Maximum spray range(m) 65 The amount of fog can be adjusted
Horizontal rotation angle ±160° Automatic or manual (optional)
Pitch angle -10~45° Can be sprayed below the operating area
Maximum coverage area(㎡) 13000 Large fog, small particles (energy saving)
Fog particle size(μm) ≥20 Adjustable
Spray flow(L/min) 12~150 Adjustable
Nozzle 312 alloy stainless steel Italy import
Waterway pipeline 304 alloy stainless steel Inlet pipe stainless steel quick connector, gear 360 degree rotating hollow shaft support mechanism
Air volume(m3/min) 710
Wind pressure(pa) 870
Protection grade IP55
Ambient temperature(℃) -30~+50
Control mode Manual / remote control (automatic) with PLC Optional: Swiss imports, Chinese made
Remote control distance(m) ≤100
Number of nozzles 34 Optional: Swiss imports, Chinese made
Fog cannon dimensions(mm) 1600*1120*1800
Base dimension(mm) 600*600
Total Weight(kg) 900
Power configuration 40,50kw diesel generator or electricity Optional: Germany Deutz, China-made brand
Start-up mode Star triangle Optional: soft start, variable frequency start

AOTU-65 Dust Suppression Fog Cannon Scope of application

Coal mining enterprises, mining enterprises, mining enterprises, cement plants, thermal power plants, construction sites, materials and minerals open-air stacking plants, concrete processing plants, waste dumping, waste incineration plants, sand plants, dry Materials, warehouses, open air blasting, heavy dust area, large dump truck discharge area, port terminals, storage and transportation areas, urban air pollution dust exceeded the area and other places of water mist dust, dust suppression, cooling.

AOTU-65 Dust Suppression Fog Cannon Application Industry
Environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical, coal, steel, coking, coal preparation plant, thermal power plants, coastal ports, docks, construction, shipbuilding, ship repair, fly ash, ash storage, public places, hot places.

AOTU breeze dedusting by a jet sprayer systems, water spray systems and, electronic control system (local control, remote control site, optional remote control system), an automatic steering apparatus, a hydraulic system to adjust the pitch angle, rotation support Seat and base.

AOTU air-blown dust sprayer can be configured according to user installation requirements for the fixed, tower, lift, traction (with generator and without generator) and vehicle-based and other types; control can also be used according to Requirements for remote control + remote control of the operation mode, remote control, there are related monitoring probe real-time return to the scene screen, according to the monitoring screen for the relevant equipment operation. As long as the remote control does not take the initiative to obtain control of the equipment, remote control can be free operation; or use on-site manual control and a variety of control and other combination; these methods start fast, safe, flexible and convenient; configuration can also be configured according to the use of demand For the star delta start, soft start and frequency control and other control methods.

Environmental protection and environmental protection equipment has a national leading technology and advantages, the occupation of major domestic markets, and exports of Russia, India and other countries, Kunming Austrian environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Changchun FAW Group, Aerospace Science and Industry Group Yunnan Aerospace Industry The company formed a solid cooperation, technical strength and financial strength ranks first in the industry, after-sales service network throughout the country more than 200 cities. Product advantages are as follows:
1, Professional industrial design, to meet the use of security, reliability, convenience and performance indicators at the same time, handsome in appearance, fashion, novel, sophisticated technology.
2, The domestic top experts for aerodynamic systems (impeller, current collector, hairdryer, nozzle, guide vane, guide cone, etc.) and the overall design, the same range of cases, the fan power is small, the overall size of the hairdryer, Consumption and equipment stability.
3, Hairdryer with 5mm high-quality steel plate by CNC rotary press rolling system, hairdryer firm and beautiful, good process consistency.
4, The flange and guide vane and so on are used laser cutting machine for cutting, cutting high precision cutting edge without burrs, flange between the docking consistency is good.
5, Fog dust and dust equipment components all use blasting and rust treatment after the use of domestic high-quality brand paint spray paint. The product has good weather resistance and long service life.
6, High conversion efficiency, range, coverage area, fog small and uniform, dust suppression effect is good. Water mist and dust floating in the air when the dust is adsorbed by dust, increase the proportion of dust, inhibit the flow of dust in the air, and accelerate the settlement of dust to achieve the purification of the air.
7, The core control components PLC use Japan and spring brand, other parts, auxiliary materials selection of well-known brands, to ensure product reliability and durability of use.
8, The main fan using the inverter to control, to ensure smooth operation of the fan starter and reduce energy consumption.

AOTU-65 Dust Suppression Fogcannon(Fixed Type)

AOTU-65 Dust Suppression Fogcannon(Fixed Type)

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Fog cannon 3D drawing


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